Gantzgirl from Nadine
Sexy Katou from Frau Taube
From Alex
From Coral
From Perios Rosentwyck
From John K.!
Sexy Girl from John K.

I have tons more ConHon art, maybe I post it too.:) Thanks for doing artwork for me!!!!!!:D


Patrick McMicheal said...

Stefanie, What is ConHon?

Stefanie, Was ist ConHon?

Arschblog said...

A ConHon is a a book where artists can draw you something in!:) Artists take these books the most time to conventions, festivals, cosplays, fares and other. A ConHon is also a nice memory for you and the artists!

The name is build of two words: Con = Convention + Hon = (japanese for) Book! Simply ConHon!:3