John K. in different styles!

I start to post some John K. drawings made by different artists, have fun to look at!

This is from John K. ! The picture is a copy, the autograph is real. He made this for a magazine (TAISzine), he looks so cute here! I like it very much!

John K. and his friend Tom Hay, drawn by Katrina! I like the face expressions!

Many different versions of our star from Coral and each one looks great! Make more!

Guido Neukamm a fantastic artist from Germany (Mad Magazine) made this great picture for me!

And this is from me....


Ryan G. said...

Steffi, thats absoulutly amazing! thanks for posting all these charicatures. I can tell you've really got the Spumco style down.. Do you want to work for John some day?

kp said...

Haha that was my first "good" drawing of John that I can actually not look back on in seething disgust. XD

The only thing I still don't like was how I drew the hair. >.<
Your drawing is great!

Arschblog said...

Ryan: That make me happy that you like the drawings! :D Everyone made good work, I like the different styles!
Yes, I want to work for John! But I think I´m to bad that he want to put me in his great team.^-^

Ps: Look at Katrinas (kp) blog!

Katrina: Make more! And make more John comics!:D

Ryan G. said...

Steffi, if you keep up your drawing, you will be able to do anything you want.. I checked out kp's blog too.. crazy comics.. I love your profile pict too!

benj said...

Your drawing is just ... :0
ehh ... I mean... WOW!!!!
very solid!

Pedro Vargas said...

Wow those are some cool looking John K.'s! It's cool to see different versions of John. I really like how yours came out too.

Hryma said...

Now your just showing off!

I've taken your advice and posted some bigger and better res scribbles on my blog for you to squizz at, I can re-post old one's bigger if you would like.

Arsch stop putting your drawings down be proud your work it's awesome, if John were hiring he would hire you for sure!!

Hryma said...

Oh yeah I forgot to say how many sketch books I have... no idea, a few and lots of paper, I've only really taken sketch books seriously in the past 5 years or so.
Loose paper's always been my thing and school text books and folders.

Tom said...

You can grasp several styles well, unusual in a human. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Those picks are sendsational, especially with your entery.

Oh, and in case if you are interested, I'm doing a three part post on the History of Popeye on my blog. Part two is up, and I was wondering if you could read it, and tell me if I had done my Homework. Thanks a thousand!